As the story goes......
                        One day a friend of Brenda's asked If she wouldn't mind making a cake for her daughters birthday party. The woman said she wanted something different though. She left it up to Brenda to come up with something "Unique". Brenda didn't want to make the standard cake for a teenagers birthday so she came up with the idea of a "Bouquet".  A Cupcake Bouquet in a terra-cotta vase.  So Brenda made the FIRST Cupcake Bouquet with a variety of Edible flowers and a colorful terra-cotta vase. The woman and her daughter LOVED it. The woman posted a nice thank you picture of it on facebook where all her friends could see it! Next thing you know the friends of the woman were asking where they could get one for their special occasions? So began the start of  "BB's Unique Cupcake Boutique". Brenda has always been very artistic and loved sharing her ideas with friends and relatives so we decided to also offer up some of her talents to the public to enjoy. So if you have a special occasion or a certain person you just want to show your appreciation for, Brenda can take care of exactly what your thinking of. "IF YOU CAN IMAGINE IT THEN BRENDA CAN MAKE IT" ! Don't settle for just anyone, Call Brenda Boyd (BB), The "ORIGINAL" Cupcake Bouquet Lady for your next special occassion
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BB's Unique Cupcake Boutique and More ......

Cape Coral Fl. 33914.